Andreas Jung understands his profession as a vocation

Even after 25 years of caring my patients in Siemensstadt I am still looking forward to my patients every day and new challenges in diagnostic and therapeutic area. As a family doctor I have the duty to keep my knowledge up to date through enduring education, case presentation and questioning of methodological approaches. In addition I have a well-trained and friendly team of medical specialists.

We are treating the common cold and graze of the crying child up to the differential diagnosis of stroke, diabetes and hypertension of the grandfather.

Dr. Petra Kossmann, Medical doctor is my passion

During my studies I was inspired by the medical side of the skin as the largest organ of the human. The skin represents what we have inside and I have learned to understand why commonly known, the skin is the mirror of the soul.

Even after 25 years working with the skin, I am daily surprised by new and challenging experiences and I share my knowledge with my patients. Regular training sessions and exchange with colleagues helps me to be on the cutting edge of dermatology. A well-trained and friendly team of medical specialists supports me. My husband and colleague Andreas Jung assists me for specific questions from other medical fields.

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We were among the first accredited practices in Berlin, which had been certified for quality management at work according to ISO EN 9001. Since 2002 we regularly conduct clinical trials for the Charité (eg GERACs, ART) and for other universities and organizations. Through interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in Berlin we also cover edge areas and "exotic" diseases and their treatment.

We regularly check the development of chronic diseases including the disease management programs of the Federal Ministry of Health such as bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure and diabetes mellitus.

Since then we have established our "Medizinische Versorgungs Zentrum MVZ Siemensstadt" in 2004, supported by Dr. Petra Kossmann in questions of allergology, skin diseases and treatment in the cosmetic field. With all the technical medicine, we will strive to save our patients avoiding unnecessary tests and unnecessary drug therapies. Where possible we offer alternatives known as "soft" medicine, p.e. the traditional Chinese medicine, activating techniques of physiotherapy and health caring methods from our public health insurance.

You and your healthiness are at the forefront of our work.

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From A for Acne to Z for zoster we handle everything regarding skin, hair and nails.
In addition to the allergy, for which I have acquired the additional specialization Allergology, I am very passionate about Child-Dermatology, for which I could acquire experience through my work in a special children's dermatology center.

Our practice organization
I believe that our patients should be able to get short-term appointments with short waiting times at anytime. So far we were successful thanks to our team and our well managed practice organization, for which we are highly appreciated by our loyal patients. We strive to continue to maintain it this way.

A quality management system to provide you with a high standard of quality in our practice was shortly introduced, which helps us to ensure the reliability and verifiability of our services to evaluate and continuously improve. Our goal is always to ensure a highly qualified medical service to obtain your satisfaction.

We were among the first practices in Berlin that have been certified for quality management in this practice according to ISO EN 9001 for external control.

We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin!

I grew up in the Schwarzwald, initially training as a pediatric nurse followed by 2 years activity in child and adolescent psychiatry in Heidelberg, second-chance college, Berlin College, studied medicine in Berlin Internships in Locarno and Barcelona, I achieved my Dr. Med. degree with scientific exploration on Malignant Melanoma. Specialized for Dermatology and subspecilized for Allergology in Berlin Married and 2 children Office 2003 Siemensstadt

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian.


Treatment Areas

General Practice

The conservation and recovery of holistic health is our top priority. We see ourselves as a "gentle medical school" with the claim of a holistic health management. Not a symptom but the whole human being is the center of our diagnosis and treatment. The basis of our medical practice is the modern universal medicine, we apply various methods from the field of complementary medicine. One focus of our practice particularly is the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Acupuncture offers an effective treatment option for a large number of pain disorders, skin and hair disorders and allergies. Detailed information is available in our treatment overview.

Heart-lung circulation

During our youth we breathe an amount comparable to the size of the surface of a football field. During the course of life allergic disease and smoking reduces this surface. Frequent infections worsen the picture. But the heart muscle needs oxygen! The heart changes. High blood pressure indulges with its complications. Please feel free coming in for treatment. Quite a few Olympic medals are won by well-controlled asthmatics!


In orthopedics / traumatology I have worked with different collegues as Professor Haring, Prof. Weigert, with Dres Münch et al. (Biberburg), Dr. Meyer I gained more experience.

Back pain, discomfort in the neck, shoulder and knee can be fixed or alleviated without long waiting hours. After a mor than 350 hours of studying and implementation we have the official approval for acupuncture treatment of lumbar spine and knees with refund of expenses by european health care insurance.

If necessary we will arrange further X-ray, MRI and CT scans and other. We help achieving different duties from Your health insurance p.e. going to a health resort, prescribing rehabilitation and sports through specialized sport-centers and physical therapy facilities.

Travel Medicine

From Australia to Zimbabwe . From Asthma to Zoster Neuropathy.

Get the last medical information for Your next holiday target. Please make an appointment before traveling to exotic countries. We will provide you with adequate emergency medication. Many diseases can be prevented with vaccinations. We also provide the latest state defenses against malaria. Please come early. Some vaccinations should be applied months prior the trip.

Check Up

The check-up appointment will inform you about your health and body fitness.

The basic health investigation can be paid by the statutory health insurance. In addition we offer a differentiated examination of heart rhythm, stroke prevention, stress ECG, pulmonary function testing, differentiated blood count, ultrasonography of the thyroid gland and the upper abdomen and finally examination of stool and urine.

Concluding, we will advise You on the best methods of healthy eating, matching activities, not to mention a comprehensive vaccination prophylaxis, based on your results.


During the early 1990s, my colleague Ms Lee led me into the field of acupuncture. Since then, I studied under Prof. Gunia Osnabru?ck, Prof. Chen Xinnong in Beijing and Prof. Bahr in Munich and practiced at St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin and other places.

Later, we took part in large-scale studies, which successfully evaluated acupuncture therapy in Germany. Apart from small possible bruises, acupuncture offers an excellent therapy for muscle-pain and joint disorders. They have already freed many patients from annoying allergy symptoms.

We can even help the future non-smokers. In the simplest case, the acupuncture is relaxing. For back pain and knee problems, the health insurance covers any costs. Private health insurance bears als costs of acupuncture treatment of most diseases.

Feel invited to ask for further information. The trial session costs 15, - €


Treatment Areas


As a dermatologist, I take care of all matters relating to your skin, hair and nails. This includes clarification, treatment and care of patients of all ages with:

  • infectious and non-infectious skin diseases
  • benign and malignant skin tumors
  • allergic skin diseases
  • Hair diseases
  • nail diseases
  • STDs
  • mucosal diseases
  • venous disease
  • cosmetic skin problems
  • Skin cancer prevention

Through expert advice, modern diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities on the cutting edge of medicine, we do everything to make you feel comfortable in your own skin! Detailed information is available in our treatment overview


The allergy is a main focus of our practice:

Allergies can cause symptoms at any age on the skin, eyes, respiratory tract and the digestive tract and have increased rapidly worldwide in recent years.

First we find out the cause of an allergy to the bottom and find the cause of the allergic symptoms. We have several state-of allergy diagnostics corresponding test methods. If we find the "bad guy" we consult with you to identify out the best and most suitable treatment for you from all the modern treatment options.

Our Allergological treatment spectrum:

  • allergic asthma
  • drug allergies
  • Occupation substance allergies
  • skin Allergies
  • dust mite allergy
  • hay fever
  • Insect venom allergy
  • Contact dermatitis
  • latex allergy
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • nickel allergy
  • pet hair allergy
  • Mold allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Urticaria (hives)

Our allergy diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

  • detailed medical history
  • Skin tests (prick, scratch, Intracutan, Epicutantestung)
  • Chemical tests provocation tests skin function tests
  • Blood tests for allergies (IgE RAST, CAP)
  • desensitization treatment
  • Acupuncture for the treatment of hay fever, allergic asthma etc. allergies

Skin cancer prevention

Since 1st July 2008, all costs for a skin cancer screening for all patients aged 35 and older every 2 years are paid by health insurance

If detected early, skin cancer is curable!
You should therefore carry out the recommended annual skin cancer screening!

During the last 20 years, the number of malignant skin tumors has about quintupled. In Germany 100 000 people fall ill each year from skin cancer. About one of ten skin cancer patients fall ill with malignant melanoma, at a young age. The reason is the increased sun exposure during leisure time and on vacation as well as the weakening of the ozone layer. If left untreated, malignant melanoma is early (metastases) and quickly develops into a deadly disease. More than 20 percent of patients die, even though skin cancer is curable with early detection.

All forms of skin cancer are curable with early surgery! Each change of Your skin should be checked! Right away! Through periodic and thorough skin examinations, skin cancer can almost always be detected in even curable early stages.

Congenital pigmented moles (nevi) have some risk to degenerate into a malignant melanoma. For people with many moles, regular checkup is especially important. Skin cancer prevention, including the scalp and the visible mucous membranes is examined for cancer flashy suspicious changes.

How can you protect yourself and your children from the sun?

Check Your skin even at home! How?